Event Blogging | How to start event blogging,Download Scripts Free

How to start event blogging (Download Scripts Free) | Personal Tips |
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What is event blogging?

Here I am going to Discuss My personal tips on How to start event blogging | Giving you Lots of Whatsapp Wising Scripts for you.  Download Festival Scripts completely Free for Diwali,

 Event Blogging | How to start event blogging,Download Scripts Free Event Blogging | How to start event blogging,Download Scripts Free

Gandhi Jayanti, Happy New Year, Holi, Eid, Christmas Day and Other Festivals | Learn how to do success Event Blogging.  Choose a theme, edit and place google ads on the script. How to viral a Wishing website.

What is the Real meaning of event blogging

Everyone wants to make money online quickly, so lots of people are trying to make money with the help of event blogging. now a basic question arises here that what is the meaning of event blogging actually. This is a type of blogging which is created for a specific time, event, accident, or specific change in the world or in a specific country.

Generally, people consider all festivals blogging as event blogging, but this is not 100% truth regarding this. This includes all those events which are either festival or an accident. here we will see all about the event blogging. I am giving you a different type of Event blogging scrips to create your website for this topic also. they are completely free to download and use.

I saw that so many peoples are selling these scripts on their blogs, so I have decided to give you these scripts completely free to help my poor friends who are unable to buy these scripts.

Download Event Blogging Script for Free  (Download Festival Wishing Script)

1 Happy new year Festival Whatsapp wishing website script download (event blogging Script)
2 Happy Republic Day festival Whatsapp sharable website script download free (Event Blogging Wishing SCRIPT)
3 Navratri festival Whatsapp wishing script free download (EVENT blogging SCRIPT)
4 Ramadan festival WhatsApp wishing script free download (Event blogging Wishing Script ) 
5 Eid festival WhatsApp wishing website script free download (Event blogging wishing Script ) 
6 happy Friendship Day WhatsApp festival wishing  script download  free (EVENT blogging Wishing SCRIPT)
7 happy Independence Day festival wishing website script free download (Event blogging Wishing Script ) 
8 download Mother’s Day WhatsApp wishing website script (Event Wishing Script )
 9 Download All in one festival website free download (EVENT Wishing SCRIPT)
Raksha Bandhan WhatsApp wishing website script (EVENT Wishing SCRIPT)
(Type 1)  –  Download Server 1

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Other Viral Scripts

1 Download Vivo IPL WhatsApp viral website script (EVENT WhatsApp SCRIPT)
2  Download  Paytm 200 rupees for Website WhatsApp Viral script (EVENT BLOGGING SCRIPT) 

Types of Event Blogging on the basis of Time

Event blogging may be of various types on the basis of the timing of event and content writing in different countries.

Type of event blogging on the basis of content writing

A) Wishing or SMS Blogs

In this section of the building, we put those blogs or websites which have posts/article on Various topics. these articles either having wishes or messages for any event.

For example, when we search for “Diwali wishes” on the internet We get so many blogs to have a number of wishes in their articles. the length of an article will be more than 300 words.

Examples SMS containing blogs, wishes containing blogs, images containing blogs etc
one of the famous website or blog in this category is www.dgreetings.com

In this type of blogging, we need SEO friendly articles on our blog. if we don’t have our blog on the first page of Google ranking, we cannot earn money probably. so we have to write articles according to Search Engine Optimisation.

B) Greetings Blogs (New Concept of EVENT BLOGGING SCRIPT)

Nowadays greetings blogs are on the trend because buy this type of blog in we wish to anyone in a different way on the occasion of any festival, or on other incidents. greetings blogging includes one or two pages greeting card in which we can put attractive images music and SMS or Shayari to make our wish effective. this type of greeting blogs are shareable on WhatsApp with sender name, so everyone forced to share it for their loved ones.

examples of greetings blocks: Holi, Eid, Diwali, Christmas day wishes etc.

Type of event blogging on the basis of Time

A) Time Specific Event Blogging

time specific event blogging is used to celebrate a festival, National Day, Republic Day, Independence Day etc.after the period of festival these websites or blogs will not earn any money. the average period of this type of blogging is 5-7 days to earn money.

Examples – Easter, Holi, Eid, No smoking day, Valentine day, mother’s day, Environment day, human rights day, world diabetes day, Parkinson day, National days of all main countries

B) All-time Event blogging

Good Morning SMS or Images, Good Night SMS or Images, Love you, Miss You, Anniversary or Memorial, Birthday SMS or Images 

C) Accidental Event Blogging

this type of blogging is not fixed when it will have happened. this totally depends upon in situations of change.

Examples: Government Scheme, Natural Hazards, The big change in any country

D) New Launches Event Blogging

This type of event blogging is used to share the information about new launches of any movie, any digital product such as smartphones, tablets laptops. new actresses or actor etc

What is the Scope of Event Blogging?

The power of the event blogging is really unbelievable. event blogging as the capacity to earn $1000 to $1500 hundred per day. yes, I am telling real. so many peoples are earning more than one thousands of dollars by just using Event Blogging.
if you go in the right direction you can also earn this type of money. but the direction and hard work should be Right.

The reason behind this type of earning is that event blogging gets thousands of visitor’s traffic in only 2-3 days.

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How to earn money through event blogging

generally, peoples are using Google AdSense to earn money through event blogging. if you don’t have a day approved Google AdSense account right now, there are so many alternatives to make money through event blogging.
you can use your affiliate marketing links speed of Google AdSense ad code. you can also sell your own product with the help of event blogging. if you have time you can get the approval of infolinks and Chitika ad network easily.

    • Google Adsense (Recommended)
    • Infolinks
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Chitika Ad Network
    • Promote your own product and so
  • CPA and CPI etc

What is the right time to start Event Blogging

If you are interested to start event blogging then this is a very common question may be arising in your mind is that when to start event blogging.

As we mentioned above there are both types of event blogging available

  1. Time-specific event blogging
  2. All-time event blogging

If you are interested to start all-time event blogging such as writing a post on SMS or Shayari then there is no any specific time to start event blogging.

Are you interested d to start greetings event blogging?  then you should start before 20 days of festival or event. this is sufficient time to create a beautiful greeting by using music and attractive photos.

What are the Basic needs to start event blogging to earn huge  money in a short time

  1. A Domain   (Example – www.yoursite.com)
  2. Hosting   ( Single site or multiple site web hosting)
  3. Approved Google Adsense Account   (Best option to make money online)
  4. Event Blogging Platform   (Blogger or WordPress)
  5. Script or Theme   (All time wishing or time specific wishing website script)

How to set up event blogging

A) Buy a Domain Name

Domain name is a name of your website. for example, if you want to make a blog on Diwali wishes your domain name may be www.diwaliwishes.com.
You can buy a domain name from these two websites. both websites are providing good services as well as customer support.

  1. Godaddy
  2. Big Rock
  3. Namecheap

B) Get Web Hosting

Web hosting is an online server or network where you saved your website’s data online. with the help of be hosting your domain name will be online always.
both free and paid type of web hosting is available online. but free web hosting is a risky option, whereas paid web hosting is secure and you will never lose your website data.

  1. Paid Web Hosting Godaddy, big rock, Hostinger, Hostgator
  2. Free Web Hosting – Blogger, 000webhost, Wix

C) Choose event Blogging Platform

Choosing a platform for event blogging really a basic and important question. Your all work depends upon the interface of your website. If you are websites look is attractive and impressive everyone will be bound to share your website.

Good thing is that we can create the attractive and impressive look of the website in both platforms WordPress as well as a blogger.

Now question is that which platform is perfect for event blogging?

According to me the perfect platform for event blogging is WordPress because WordPress has a lot of plugins and other options to create and secure your website.

As you know that if anyone will click your Google AdSense ads more time then your account will suspend or reject. In blogger, we cannot prevent or stop to that person who is clicking our Google ads intentionally to suspend your Google AdSense account. But in the case of WordPress if WordPress plugin is available to prevent invalid click activity on your website ads.

So as per my opinion, we should use WordPress as event blogging platforms. Because nowadays getting the approval of Google AdSense is a very tough task. So if you want to be safe on the internet always think about your security with your work.


Get Script or theme for an event blogging

Here I am going to share wishing script, download and edit the script and start earning by event blogging.

Happy new year Festival Wishing Script
2 Happy Republic Day festival WhatsApp wising script
3 Navratri festival Whatsappwishing website script 
5 Eid festival WhatsApp wishing website script
6 happy Friendship Day WhatsApp festival wishing website script 
7 happy Independence Day festival WhatsApp wishing website
8 Mother’s Day WhatsApp wishing website  Script )
 9 All in one festival website free download 
10 Raksha Bandhan WhatsApp wishing website script
  Download from another server

Other Viral Scripts

1  Vivo IPL WhatsApp viral website script 
2  Paytm 200 rupees for Website WhatsApp Viral script 

Edit & Place Your Google Adsense Ads codes in festival Wishing Website.

Edit Script For Blogger

1. Download wishing script from the website.
2. Open this script in the Notepad + +.
3. Replace all the Google ads with your ad units.
4. Go to the blogger.com.
5. Click on the theme and select a classic theme.
6. Click phone revert to the Classic theme.
7. Fear your edited script.
8. Save your script for the theme in the blogger.
9. Refresh the blog.
10. Congratulations you have created your festival wishing website on blogger.

Edit Script For WordPress

1. Download festival wishing website script from How2earn.co
2. Open this script in notepad++.
3. Replace all ads with your Google AdSense ad units.
4. Not save this script by pressing control + s.
5. Now go to the c panel of your hosting server.
6. Open public.HTML folder.
7. A folder similar to your festival wishing website name.
8. Upload all the material you have downloaded with the edited script. Note that you should delete your old script which doesn’t have your Google AdSense units.
9. Refresh the folder. And open your new website in a new tab.
10.Congratulations you have created your own festival wishing website in WordPress.

how to rank event blog

 Event Blogging | How to start event blogging,Download Scripts Free

As we mentioned here there are two types of phishing websites

1. Greeting card Wishing website

Websites which has a single wish in the whole website for any festival. This type of website does not have more written content.

To viral greeting card wishing website, we have to take help of WhatsApp. Actually, we have a WhatsApp sharing option in this greeting card wishing website.  join more WhatsApp groups as possible as.
Share your script before 5 – 10 days.
If your website is attracting and looking great your website will be viral.

You do not need any type of backlinks, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, commenting and all that which is required to boost SEO ranking in the Google.

2.Wishes websites Blogs

This type of wishing the website has a lot of messages for wishes to wish anyone.
In the case of this type of websites, sites contain a different type of festivals wishing messages for wishes.
We need to write a post which should be SEO friendly post.

These are some way to viral this type of websites. These type of websites completely depend completely depend upon Google search ranking.

 Event Blogging | How to start event blogging,Download Scripts Free

1. Directory submission- there are a lot of options to submit directory on different websites.

2. Guest Posting- guest posting is really a one of the best option to create link building. So many websites allow you to write a guest post. With your post, they give you a link building on their website.

3. Social Sharing- social sharing is a very popular way to Boost Your website ranking for visitors. Initially, this is a tough task but after getting followers this is very easy to Boost Your visitors count.

4. Email Marketing- nowadays email marketing is a very popular waiting increase direct visitors to your website. Collect users email iD, and send update regularly to your visitors.

5. Quora– I personally used quora. This is a very easy and effective way to Boost Your visitor’s number on your website. Write an answer on quora.com and Gate organic traffic.

6. Yahoo Answer- yahoo answer is a similar way quora.com. Create questions similar to your post. write an answer and give your link in this answer for users.

7. Promotion of Website– you can promote your website with the help of YouTube after collaboration with big YouTubers. They will charge for your website promotion, but you will get success definitelyCommenting–  make a useful comment on those websites which are similar to your festival wishing website. Comment on top drinking festival wishing websites.
Commenting is a way to get backlinks.

 Event Blogging | How to start event blogging,Download Scripts Free

8. Link Building- link building is a bit tough way because nobody gives easily a link in their Post. When they put your website link in their post the traffic will be transferred to your website. Why this your website authority will be increased. SEO ranking in the Google of your website will increase.

9. Url Submission- submit URL of your websites or post in the Google search console and bing webmaster tool

The important suggestion for Event Blogging

  1. Use WordPress as event blogging platform.
  2. always use WordPress plugin name ” Adsense invalid Click protector” to save your Google Adsense account from haters.
  3. Never Tell your Website name for anyone.
  4. always use “iTheme” security plugin to prevent hacker and spammers.
  5. create your Festival wishing Websites before 10 days of the upcoming festival.
  6. Always create an attractive website with sufficient images.
  7. don’t put too many Ads on a single page.


What is Event Blogging Website Website created for wishing purpose for any festival and event
Types of Event Blogging Greeting Card  wishing Event Blogging

SMS and Wishing blogs

Platforms for Event Blogging 1. Blogger- as a free platform

2. WordPress- free and Paid platform

Requirements to Start Event Blogging 1. Domain Name

2. Hosting

3. Festival Wishing Website Scripts

4. Fully approved Google Adsense Account

Advantages Good For Quick Earning
Disadvantages This is a Time Bound Earning Method.

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Thanks, Friends

Here we have discussed How to start Event Blogging by wishing website scripts and SMS Posts. here we have learnt how to download, edit, and viral the festival wishing website.

I have tried my best to explain maximum thing related to the topic. I hope you like this post. If you like please leave a comment below, it will motivate me.

if you have any problem or suggestions about this post please feel free to contact us on mail id how2earn.co@gmail.com.If you still have any question you can send us an email from ContactUs page.

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