Download aia files free for thunkable makeroid appybuilder

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Download aia files for Makeroid, Thunkable, Appybuilder to Create Beautiful App

Download aia files free for Thunkable, Makeroid, Appybuilder has given on this website. Here You can download aia files completely free without any charge or fee.

Here are some aia files to Download for Thunkable, Makeroid, Appybuilder. 

Download, Edit and earn Money from aia files.

Download aia files free for thunkable makeroid appybuilderDownload aia files free for thunkable makeroid appybuilderDownload aia files free for thunkable makeroid appybuilder

Download aia Files to create Browser

  1. Professional Browser aia file 

Download aia Files to create Photo Editor

  1. Photo Editor free aia file

Download aia Files to create Earning application

  1. Money Wallet app aia 

Download aia Files to create Jokes / Shayari

  1. Shayari App aia 

 Create Games

  1. Racing Game aia file for 

Download aia Files to create Calculator

  1. Calculator  aia file

Download aia Files to create Chat App

  1. Professional Chating App aia file

What are aia files

aia is a soft copy of any application created on Makeroid, thunkable, Appybuilder and similar application platform.

In fact, it is a format of application which can be edit by any person. If you have aia file of any application, you can create your own application within a minute because you have already prepared the application.

In simple word, aia file is a soft copy version of an application in which we can make changes according to us.

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Benefits of aia files

There are so many benefits of aia files because this is already prepared material which you want. You need only edit some things in your aia files to create your fully developed application. This thing also depends upon your aia file. If your aia file doesn’t have more function as per your requirement then you need to put these functions into this aia file.

1. aia files give the hint to create applications
2. aia files save our time to create our desired application.
3. aia files save our hard work to create an application because a fully developed application required a lot of time and hard work.
4.aia files are the simplest way to create an application because we need to change only ad units. If you are a file is completely developed according to the application.
5. If you don’t have the knowledge about application making then aia files can help you. You can easily create your application by using these aia files.

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How to use aia file

Use of aia file is a very simple step to create your desired application. This also depends upon your aia file. If your aia file is not sufficient to create application then you have to add all those features manually in the application which you need in the app.

We are describing some steps to create an application by using aia files

1. choose fully developed AIA file- generally fully developed AIA files are not free developer charge some amount for their AIA files.
2. Sign into app making platform like thunkable Makeroid Appybuilder etc.
3. Upload your aia file in the dashboard of your App building platform.
4. You can edit your aia file to create an application- change photos music background colour fonts links as per your requirement.
5.Most important Google AdMob ad units to generate revenue through your application.
6. After making all the changes you want in the application download your application in the booth format

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1. AIA file format- this file will help you to create another application similar to this application by changing only some features.
2. APK Formate- this is the format of your fully developed application. This format of your application cannot edit by any user. So this file is your application.

7. Upload apk file of your application on the App store such as Play Store,9apps store etc

Congratulation you have created your own application and published it on App Store by using aia files.

Where to use given aia files

Where to use given aia files
given aia files can be used in the following platforms
1. Thunkable
2. Makeroid
3. Appybuilder

Just upload and start creating a new application with the help of given aia files above. Note that all given aia files will not support all platforms such as thunkable, makeroid, appybuilder. Some of them will support thunkable some of them will support makeroid and some of them will support appybuilder platform to create an application.

Precautions during creating an app by using given aia file

If you are creating an application with the help of given aia files, then you should aware of that aia files will contain Google AdMob ad units of its owner. You have to change that Google AdMob ad units instead of already given and units in the aia files. If you will not replace all that Google AdMob ad units of its owner, you will not generate any revenue from your application.

Change version code of your application. If you will not change your version code of an application Google Play Store may reject your application.

Always keep in mind all the policies of Google AdSense and AdMob. Because if you will not follow the policies of Google AdSense and AdMob they will reject your application advertisement. So be careful while ads placing in the application.

My Personel suggestions

I have created over 50 application on different platforms such as Thunkable, makeroid, and appybuilder. I am going to share my experience with you in respect of creating an application.

1. Don’t be dependent on aia files completely. Create your own application buy learning from YouTube. As no anyone gives you complete aia file of any application because everything needs hard work. I will suggest you to on the YouTube, learn how to create an application on Thunkable, makeroid, and appybuilder.

You will not learn sufficient information about how to create an application on thunkable makeroid and appybuilder, you will make mistakes that can be harmful to you in future. Once you will create your own application you can use that aia file in many applications.

2. Don’t place too many ads in the application. Try to put only one interstitial ad in an interface of application or screen of the application. If you will put more than one interstitial ad in a screen then you are violating the policies of Google AdMob. So after some time, Google AdMob will stop ads on your application.

3. Don’t forget to replace ad units in Aia file while you are creating an application.

4. Don’t click on your applications ad to increase your revenue. If you will click your own ads showing in your application, you are violating that Google AdMob policies. Invalid click activity mesa spends your Google AdSense account. If you are invalid click activity will go high then your AdSense account may be terminated. So always keep in mind don’t click on your ads.

5. At present Google Play Store is supported only for an application which is created on the level of API 26 or above. If you will create your application of below 26 API level google Play Store will not give the permission to upload application.

So at present, the only makeroid is supported 26 API level or above. Thunkable and appybuilder are working to increase their API level. At this time thunkable and appybuilder created an application of 22 API level, which is no longer supported in Play Store.

If you know the coding of JavaScript then you can go through Android studio. Android studio is all in one solution to create a professional application. Butter drawback is that Android studio completely depends upon coding. If you don’t know the code you cannot create your application in the Android studio. However, you can create a simple application in the Android studio with the help of a YouTube tutorial. There are so many tutorials on how to create an application in the Android studio. You can learn that videos and create your application in the android studio.

Given aia, files are not supported to the Android studio because these are not Android studio projects. These are a simple drag and drop AIA files

Download aia files free for thunkable makeroid appybuilder


 Download aia files free for the thunkable makeroid appybuilder post here in which we have learnt how to download Download aia files, Edit and app creation. I have tried my best to explain maximum thing related to the topic. I hope you like this post.

If you like please leave a comment below, it will motivate me. if you have any problem or suggestions about this post please feel free to contact us on mail id you still have any question you can send us an email from ContactUs page.

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