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How to make money by uploading videos
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How to make money by uploading videos on Videos sharing websites

How to make money by uploading videos is really very easy and entertainment job on the internet. Earning money is a very easy task with proper guidance. if you are going in the right way you will definitely earn your desired amount of money after doing some hard work on the internet. The Internet is a very big platform to find these type of opportunities. Here we will discuss how to make money by uploading videos on the internet websites.

Here are some questions and answers which are related to uploading the videos on these videos sharing websites.

Que.1 Which type of videos uploaded here

This completely depends upon y our interest and websites policies. Every video sharing websites have a limitation of policies and guidelines which you can not cross when you are going to upload videos.

Contents which are good to upload on video sharing websites

  • Study lectures
  • technological tutorial
  • Natural beauty clips
  • Dog training
  • Songs recording or cover songs
  • Dancing videos
  • Comedy videos
  • Science tricks and tips
  • Health tips videos
  • etc which you want to tell the world in your way
  • You can upload every video which is beneficial to society in any form

Contents do not upload-

  • Hacking related
  • sexual content
  • abusive content
  • and other banned and bad topics which are banned in society or harmful to society or country.

Top Video Sharing websites or platforms where we can upload videos and Earn Money

Video sharing websites are one of the best ways to make an extra amount of money at our home. here are some legal videos sharing platform or websites which really paid for their members who are uploading the videos.


1. (How to make money by uploading videos on the youtube)

When we talk about, How to make money by uploading videos on the internet, youtube will be on the top among the websites.

  • No doubt YouTube is the largest and very famous videos sharing websites nowadays. On YouTube, millions of peoples are making a huge amount of money by uploading their videos.
  • YouTube is Founded on 14 February 2005.
  • This is an American video-sharing website having headquartered in San Bruno, California.
  • Service was created by three former PayPal employees names are 1.Chad Hurley, 2.Steve Chen, and 3. Jawed         Karim.
  • Create a channel on YouTube with the help of your Gmail account.
  • Make a good video related to mentioned topics and upload it to youtube.
  • When your video liked by users they will subscribe your channel.
  • When you will get sufficient subscribers(100000 or 1 lack subscriber are sufficient to make 15000 INR/ Month in India).

when you will get about 1 lac subscribers on YouTube your uploaded video will be able to get 30000-50000 views easily. after enabling YouTube videos monetization you can make the desired amount of money.

YouTube has so many restrictions which should be followed to make money on YouTube some of these are-

  • Upload your original video means it should not be stolen or of other’s videos.
  • you have to get 4000 watch minutes within a year otherwise you cannot enable videos monetization.
  • you have to collect 1000 subscribers within one year from date of your YouTube channel creation.
  • Your videos do not relate to Hacking, bomb-Making, sexual content etc. if you upload any videos which are not legal in our society or can be harmful to society, your channel will get strike and channel may be suspended.


2. Daily Motion (How to make money by uploading videos on Daily motion)

Like youtube Dailymotion is a video-sharing website, having Headquarters in Paris, 140 Boulevard Malesherbes, 17th arrondissement, France.

Dailymotion is Founded on 15 March 2005, Vivendi is the owner of Daily motion in the majority (90%) Dailymotion have partners which are –

  1. BBC News
  2. VICE
  3. Bloomberg,
  4. Hearst Digital Media,

This is an international video sharing website which is available in 18 languages. This is one of the biggest websites which has more than 300 million unique monthly users.



3. Vimeo (How to make money by uploading videos on Vimeo)

Vimeo also is a video-sharing website Youtube, Dailymotion Vimeo was founded in November 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein having Headquarters in New York City, New York, U.S.

  • In Vimeo, users can upload, share and view videos.
  • It was the first video sharing site to support high-definition video
  • It focuses on short films and movies sold with Vimeo On Demand.
  • Vimeo Available in 9 languages mainly right now these are English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean.
  • This is also an international website which is one of the famous and favorite websites to view desire videos.


How to make money by uploading videos


4. Flicker (How to make money by uploading videos on flicker)

  • Flicker was created by Ludicorp in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo on 20 March 2005.
  • Flickr is an image and video-hosting website and web services.
  • Flicker is available in Chinese (traditional), English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Spanish.



5.  (How to make money by uploading videos )

  • is now converted into Break.comthis is an entertainment and humor website founded in 1998.
  • This website’s target audience is men aged 18–35 years Because In we can find comedy videos, flash games, and pictures among other material which mainly favorite material of men or we can say its boys liking website.
  • In past users were able to rank site material one to five star but Break replaced this feature with a thumbs up or thumbs down system.
  • The good thing associated with is there was a system in which Negative score was not allowed on videos a “thumb down” simply counteracted the vote of a “thumb up”.
  • There was the facility to Users could also comment on most of the individual entries.
  • At present time these all forms of visitor feedback and comments have been removed.
  • now user cannot show their negative and positive feedback in the form of comments.


Besides these websites, there are some other can check by clicking on the name of the site.

  1.  Metacafe
  2. Veoh
  3. Zoom and Go
  4. Atom Films
  5. CreateSpace
  6. FlixYa
  7. Brightcove
  8. Viddler
  9. Twitch

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