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Rooting Benefits, and Disadvantages
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What is Android Rooting, Rooting Benefits, and Disadvantages

What is Android Rooting, Rooting Benefits, and Disadvantages?. Rooting is a process of breaking all the boundaries in the Android Smartphone while In IOS language, it is called Jailbreaking. Benefits and Disadvantages are discussed in detail in this article.

Why we need rooting

Android is the world’s most used Operating System nowadays. Why is it so popular among all the operating systems available in the market. Have you thought about it?

The main reason is, there are so many features are available in the Android operating system that you will not find in other operating systems.

In the case of an Android operating system, users are allowed to make a lot of changes in their smartphones they can customize their android according to them. But problem is that there are so many features of Android which are locked, users are not allowed to access those features.

When we buy the new smartphone it will not be rooted. Every new smartphone has many locked features which can be used without rooting. These features are completely locked for us. Only authorized manufacturers have the right to make changes in those features.

What is Android Rooting actually?

So in simple words, we can say that rooting is such a service or process, through which we can establish our own control on overall such features or unlock them. with the help of rooting, we can use our smartphone according to us. we can make any change in our rooted device.

Rooting is a process of breaking all the boundaries in the Android Smartphone while In iOS language, it is called Jailbreaking.

So after reading above paragraph, we have understood about android rooting. After rooting our smartphone. we can use every single feature with the depth of its capacity. We can do all that work in it, which is not allowed to do before rooting the smartphone.


Benefits of Rooting the device

There are so many advantages If you root your smartphone. These are some of the main benefits of the rooted device

1. Change in IMEI Number

After the rooting, we can change the IMEI number of our  Android Smartphone.

2. Be the Real owner of your phone

After rooting, you are the real owner or developer of your smartphone and can do whatever you want with it and make changes to your wishes. You can customize your device according to you.

3.Increase RAM and ROM

Many smartphones have problems with RAM or ROM due to low ROM (ROM), but routing the phone may solve your problem because after rooting the device we can install Custom ROM on our smartphone and we can use phone’s SD card as a phone’s internal storage.

4. Apps can be used in the only rooted device

There are so many apps on the Play Store, which are very useful to us, but problem associated with those apps is that we can install and use them only in a rooted smartphone or android. So if you want to use search apps you have to root your device.

5. Use Paid apps for free

Some android apps having great value with respect to their work but these apps always show some ads. When you use that app, you are bound to see those ads. You can not delete them .if you don’t want to see those ads in the application you have to purchase that app to remove them, but after in rooted smartphone you can do it and get rid of them by blocking unwanted ads and enjoy ads free application.

6. Solve hanging and battery life problem

In the case of the low-cost smartphones they always having difficulty in hanging and also they have low battery life by rooting the device, this problem of smartphones can be overcome. After rooting your smartphone will be faster than before and its battery will also run much. A hanging problem also will be reduced.

7. Upgrade your OS

When you will root your device you can easily upgrade your smartphone with the latest updates of Android, whenever you want.


Disadvantages of rooting


 1. Cant use some Apps

Some Google Apps do not work in Rooted Smartphone. So if your device is rooted, you will have trouble using those Google Apps.

2. Virus attack

The biggest threat associated with the rooting is that your phone may affect by different types of dangerous  Viruses. A virus can damage all your personal information on your phone.

3. Break the warranty

According to me, this is the biggest disadvantage of a rooted smartphone is that all the Warranty on your phone ends. You can not claim any mistake on your device even it is in warranty period. In simple words, we can say that there will be no responsibility for the company’s phone if it gets damaged, technical problems or any other.

4. Rooting is a very sensitive process

Rooting is a very sensitive process. It has to be done very carefully. If you miss any step of the rooting, then your phone may be damaged forever. If this happens then your phone will not be anything, except one box. You can not recover your smartphone at any cost. Your phone will be completely dead.

5. Can’t get Upgradation notification

After rooting the device you may have to face difficulties in updating the new OTA software on your phone or android device. You will no longer get the Software Update from the company.you have to upgrade your operating system manually.


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