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Top Revenue Sharing Websites
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Top Revenue Sharing Websites | Scam or legit? –

Revenue sharing websites can be a good source of income for you. Revenue sharing websites are those online earning platforms which tell us to invest our money in their website keep money for some time like 2 months, 5 months or for a year .this is completely dependent upon you.after some time they will return your seed money with some profit like 10%,   20 %, and 30% also, yes they can give you a lot of money. besides this, they also paid referral commission like 10% -15% of your member investment. Here we will discuss Top Revenue Sharing Websites also.

Top Revenue Sharing Websites

Example – if you invest 100 dollars on this website they will return you 110-130 dollars after some time. Also when your referral will invest money, you will get 10% of total your referral investment.

How revenue sharing websites paying us profit 

When we invest our money in revenue sharing websites they collect that money and they use it to build business or companies. They will share their company’s profit with us. In this platform, both are benefited.

Top Revenue Sharing Websites to join

Top Revenue Sharing Websites to join. When we search revenue sharing websites on google we will get lots of companies which are revenue sharing. But most of these websites are full of scams. I cant recommend you join any revenue sharing website, because in initial stage most of the companies pay honestly to its members but after reaching 8 -12 months maximum websites become scam due to a shortage of money. Invest your valuable money at your risk, so choose any legit website carefully. I know at least 10 revenue sharing websites which were on the top at that time. These all websites are closed now.they have cheated with their investors.

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How to Start Earning with top Revenue sharing website

Opening an account on these websites are very simple.

  • Go to website register with your Gmail account.
  • Buy Ad packs (Adpacks are investment plans of companies). Adpacks are starting from minimum 1 dollar.
  • view ads as per website terms and condition.
  • see your income in your dashboard.
  • After reaching threshold balance you can withdraw from Paypal, Payza, Unocoin, Solid trust pay, Payeer (these are online legit money wallet ).
  • You can invest your money, again and again, .and can get lots of profit from these websites.

Conclusion about this

Most of the revenue sharing are scams but some websites are legit .we cannot say that legit website will always legit for its member .overall they also want to make be careful and invest money after proper analysis. we can not tell you the list of Top Revenue Sharing Websites because every rev share website closed after some time. they stop the payout.

My recommendation about Revenue sharing websites

According to my experience Most of the revenue sharing websites are full of scams please do not join this type of sites. In Initial stage or launching time every revenue sharing site works full honestly but when its members increases and withdrawal request increases loads of money also increases on the website or company. If the company in profit they will share their profits with you but when they are in the loss they will not share their money for your profit because they are already in loss


My personal experience 

I have joined 3 revenue sharing site and unfortunately, I found all these websites scams. I have lost my 200 dollars on these websites. We do not have any control over websites and its owner and they are mentioned all about it in their terms and conditions, so we cannot report this to anyone.


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I highly recommend you to do not involve or join any revenue sharing website these are full of scams, these are the total fraud


Name of fraud websites which I had joined

The Traffic Income (TTI)

Straight Rev Share (SRS)

The Traffic Ads (TTA)

One of the famous website which also becomes scams that is The Traffic Monsoon (TTM) I didn’t invest in this website because on that time I was learning that how to deposit money in this websites. The founder of these websites was telling us they will return seed money but still, I am waiting for 1 year. These websites are completely closed at this time and where they went we still don’t know, so that thousands of dollars they have Digested. Many people were crying and telling them to return their seed money but companies were enjoying their hard work money.

Another drawback of revenue sharing websites is Watching Ads – all revenue sharing websites telling us they will return our money with profit when we view their ads on a daily basis which are provided in our dashboard.

Number of Ads may be 10 to 20 which takes about 30 to 40 minutes to view .these all ads are related to another revenue sharing companies which are coming soon or which are already launched.

Why have I written this Article as a source of income

Dear friend I already have lost my hard earned money on these websites, so my main aim is to share the reality of revenue sharing websites. I want to aware all of you which are interested in revenue sharing websites. Many peoples are earning lots of money from these websites, but they have not invested their hard earned money. They are rich and this is their profession .lost of money cannot affect them because they have lots of source of income.

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Thanks, Friends
Here we have discussedTop Revenue Sharing Websites.

I have tried my best to explain maximum thing related to the topic. I hope you like this post. If you like please leave a comment below, it will motivate me. if you have any problem or suggestions about this post please feel free to contact us on mail id

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