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Top Apps building Platforms
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Top Apps building Platforms, How To Earn Money by building Apps

Nowadays Android is very famous operating system and getting popularity day by day. Most of the peoples are using a smartphone in which the operating system is Android. Every smartphone has some apps by which phone is working. When you go to play store you will see the different type of applications like Railway information apps, recipes apps, jokes apps, money making apps, game etc, these applications are created by any company and also by any individual. You cannot believe that billions of peoples are earning money only by developing applications. In this article, we will discuss top Apps building Platforms, How To Earn Money by building Apps.

How to create your App

To create your application you have to choose a right platform. There are so many app building platforms available which are paid as well as free of cost. I recommend you to choose the free platform because lots of people are using these platforms and earning lots of money. I also use free platforms and I also have published my 22 application in the Play Store and also earning a sufficient amount of money.

Top Apps building platforms 








Android Studio


Good Barber



Other Good platforms

Appy Pie




I recommend you to use the Android studio if you know to code,. Don’t worry if you don’t know what is coding you can use another app building platforms like Thunkable, Appgayeser, Makeroid, TheAppBuilder.

These four app building platforms are my favourite platforms because they are very simple and having lots of function to create our application.

The difference between android studio and other platform is that when we put google ads on our application, thunkable or other platforms which are same, takes 5% of our revenue, but in the case of Android studio, we will get hundred per cent revenue from our application.

How to publish my application

Whenever an application is ready to use we need a publishing Store like Play Store, play store is very famous and genuine platform where peoples are continuously publishing their app and making lots of money. But publishing application in Play Store is not completely free. we have to buy an account on Play Store by investing money.

The cost of the account in the Play Store is $25. By investing $25 we can publish the unlimited application for the lifetime.

How to put google ads on my application

To publish an app we need to go to, create your account completely free, then choose to add an app. You will get ads ID, Google will display ads by this ID.

How to see my revenue

Just go to your at
Here you will get all the information about your applications revenue.

Such as

  • Which application is on the top of the earning list.
  • Which application is not earning.
  •  earned amount of an application.

How to withdraw your earning

You can earn money with the help of but you can withdraw your money with AdSense.

  • You have to create your account on AdSense.
  • Then verify your account.
  • When your account will be fully verified you can withdraw your fund.



Conclusion about this

Building apps are one of the best money earning method on the internet Because this service is provided by Google, and everyone knows Google is what. So no doubt it is a very legit method to make money from the internet by creating apps.  I will always recommend you go with this method if you have enough time to create applications.


My Recommendations

This is one of my favourite methods to earn money. I can not tell you any drawback because it is a just an awesome legit method for making money online available on the internet.


Create an app, Earn Handsome amount, enjoy life.

Good Bye…

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