Importance of Aadhar Card-

What is Aadhar
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What is Aadhar 

Aadhar is an identification Document in India,  Aadhar is issued by UIDAI. UIDAI stands for The “Unique Identification Authority of India”. There is a different type of identification docu.ments for Indian peoples, such as voter ID driving license PAN card etc. Nowadays everyone knows the Importance of Aadhar Card. Aadhar now becomes an Aadhar (Base) of every Indian.

In all another identification documents, we cannot get all the details about any person such as demographic information biometric information and other personal information in one identity card. Here we will discuss all the important things about Aadhar and Aadhar Card.

So there was a need for an identity card which should contain all information of any person living in India, that is Aadhar card.
Aadhar Card has all the details like biometric demographic and other personal information about any Indian people.

The format of Aadhar is same in all over India so there is no confusion about the recognition of Aadhar card.

Why Aadhar card is Better than other identity cards

  • Aadhar card has all type of information about any people. it includes biometric data, demographic data, and other personal information whereas this information is not available in one identity among all identities provided by Indian Government.
  • Aadhar Card has the same format in all over India.
    We can get Aadhar Card even for a newborn baby whereas we cannot get any other identity at this time. Such as we can get voter ID after 18 years.

Information about Aadhar card

  • Aadhar card is a 12 digit Unique Identity Number which is issued by the Indian government to its peoples.
  • Aadhar Card based on biometric, demographic data of any person.
  • The data is collected by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).
  • Aadhar card was launched on 28 January in 2009 by the Government of India under the jurisdiction of the “ministry of Electronics and information technology”.
  • 99% of Indians are enrolled with Aadhar, so this is the world’s largest biometric ID system over 1.19 peoples as of this November 2017.

Unique features of Aadhar card

The main features are following
1. Aadhar card is the first Identity Card in which all the information has given such as person name address date of birth and it’s biometric identification.
2. Aadhar card can be generated for newborn baby also.
3. Aadhar card is accepted across India.
4. We can link our bank account mobile, LPG connection, train journey profile etc.
5. Aadhar Card has the same format across India.
6. We can edit our Aadhar card at any time by giving our thumb impression for biometric.
7. Aadhar Card has a unique identification number for every person.

Importance of Aadhar card

1. Aadhar card has a unique number which is different from person to person.
2. We can link Aadhaar card to our bank account.

3. We can use our Aadhar card to get a passport, PAN card, ticket booking air ticket new gas cylinder sim card or other services
4. We can use Aadhaar card in our all government services.

Use of Aadhar card

1. Nowadays Aadhar card is used in so many services in both government and the private sector.
2. This is a Universal identification.
3. Government subsidy.
4. Gas connection.
5. Phone connection.
6. Bank account etc.

Information we can get in Aadhar card

•Person’s Name
• Aadhar number
• Registration number
• Photo
• Address
• Date of birth
• Gender


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