How to start Freelancing (Best Full Time Job)-

How to start Freelancing
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How to start Freelancing

Before we discuss how to start Freelancing, we should know about Freelancing. There are so many things which are very important to know such as What is the eligibility to be a successful freelancer? Which are the top platforms to work? how to find to withdraw fund? etc. If we don’t have the knowledge in which we are going to make our career. There may be difficulties to be the successful person. As per my opinion freelancing is one of the favorite online earning ways to everyone. Freelancing means doing work without any boundation on the internet.

Freelancing ( Best way to Earn Money online )

This is a platform where people share their, ideas, skills and talent to provide services to those people who really need any services to start their business. Website Building, Web Design, Presentations, Ads Creation, Dancing videos, Photo Album, Typing work are the works done by freelancers through the internet. Use Your skills, Ideas, and talents to make money on this platform. Here are some websites which are absolutely free and legit. you don’t need to invest even 1 rupees. but if you upgrade your account you will get extra benefits for this.

Search skills what you have

Every people having so many skills, talents, but it is not necessary that he might be perfect in all skills. There will be only some limited fields in which people can be perfect.

Some peoples know what type of talent they have, but some don’t know about that. but don’t worry tell your 10 friends to search 5 best quality you have. Choose one of them and start your work.

Choose The best platform 

There are some best real and legit freelancing platforms. you can choose between them and make a full-time job. if you don’t have any work and have sufficient time to do this.

  1. Upwork     –      This is outstanding.
  2. Freelancer  –   This is also the amazing platform.
  3. Guru
  4. Elance
  5. Peopleperhour
  6. Craigslist
  7. 99designs 

I recommend you to go to or, create your account and start your freelancing work.

Create your profile

To create your profile you need only your personal data like your name your skills and other talents. This information is very important to fill out your profile and these are your qualification to get an order from your clients. So don’t get stress go to any Legend website click on signup button and then fill out all the necessary information which are required. Choose the interesting topic for freelancing.

How to Find projects

Finding projects completely depend upon your profile impression. Write a compelling reason for your clients why the employer should pick you over everyone else.

Do your work

This is a bit hard step for every newcomer but it is also the most rewarding step for your freelancing career. before starting work make sure that both you and your clients are aligned in your all terms and conditions like project scope your payments and deadlines about your project.

Concentrate on your work after taking the order. Complete it with honesty. complete it in given time to the employer. people give you five-star rating feedback. The accumulation of great quality feedback is a great addition to your portfolio.

Once your work is awarded your impression will increase to other clients or employer your timeline will upgrade and after to increase your budget for the payment amount.

Withdrawal Money

You can withdraw your hard earned money via PayPal and over your nominated local bank account works through the express control system. Do work with full concentration and focus on being honest with your work.

The process to withdraw funds- 

  • Sign in to your account select Withdraw Money.
  • Select your preferred method to receive your earnings.
  • They do not charge fees for withdrawing earned funds, except for Wire Transfers which include a $25 processing fee.
  • Fill all the necessary details required for your selected withdrawal method.
  • Select amount and the type of currency such as the dollar, rupees etc.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $30 USD (for normal payment methods whereas in the Wire Transfers where the minimum withdrawal amount is $500 USD.
  • Submit your withdrawal request.
  • Processing Times  –  For first withdrawals, it takes generally 12-20 days to clear your fund. Next withdrawal takes only 5-7 working days.

Conclusion about this 

Freelancing is the platform where people use their talent, skills and great ideas to make money online. A lot of peoples are Making money using this platform. This platform is completely legal and the best way to earn money online. No doubt this is my favourite online earning method which is I also have used. There are some freelancing websites but I recommend you to go to or

 My recommendations

Yes, no doubt this is my one of the favourite money earning methods. I will highly recommend you to earn money with this method because this is a long-term plan and you will earn in your lifetime by doing some work.

So choose one of your favourite platforms either up work or  and start work and get paid

how to earn money online

Good Bye…….

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