Best Free screen recorder for PC (Best for Youtuber )

Best Free screen recorder
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Best Free screen recorder for PC for a youtuber 

When we want to show the live tutorial for the technological process for other purposes, to record the game or any other work we need a screen recorder. If you are a YouTuber and want to share any tutorial, your primary need will be a screen recorder to capture your work live. There are so many Screen Recorders free and paid. We can choose according to our needs. Free Screen Recorder has some basic tools but paid Screen Recorder has advanced tools including video editing, audio editing, video audio merge option etc. Here we are going to see the Best Free screen recorder.

It doesn’t mean that free Screen Recorder is of no use, there are some free Screen Recorders having great features. Here we will discuss all best free Screen Recorders which are useful and sufficient for a youtube.

Keep in mind always many free recorders will add their watermarks to your clips.  if they will not show their watermark then they will permit us to record limited time of the video.

So this is very necessary to pick up the best software first to avoid disappointing results.

Here is some best free Screen Recorder that is sufficient for you if you don’t want and advanced screen Recorder.


1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder 

Apowersoft free online Screen Recorder is suitable for presentation, software demonstration, the organic tutorial you want to record.
You can capture photos from your desktop or a webcam and record audio from your PC microphone both or neither of them.




You can record the whole screen of your desktop or if you want the record a selected area this also can be done by this software. you can choose manually your area and record it.

This software also offers customizable keyboard shortcuts to work quickly and our convenience. If you don’t want to record your cursor position, you can disable its appearance also.

You can upload your recorded video directly to youtube or Vimeo. You can also send it to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Great features of Apowersoft free online Screen Recorder

  • You can record your video of any length, there are no time limits.
  • Most of the free Screen Recorder includes their watermark on recorded video but in case of an Apowersoft free online  Screen Recorder, you will get your video watermark free.
  • In Apowersoft free online Screen Recorder have lots of export options for your video which has recorded.
  • The drawback of Apowersoft free online Screen Recorder is not suitable for recording the games. But for any other task, it is very good Screen Recorder.
Download  Apowersoft Screen Recorder

2. OBS Studio (Best Free screen recorder {My Favourite} )

OBS studio is really awesome Best Free screen recorder ever. If you are looking to record your live streaming games and other presentations, this software is one of the best screen recorders according to my experience. here we can record video with great features and quality.

There is no restriction on the of the length of our creation. it can record both live streaming and recording in high quality or high definition.

This software is open source can be used without any restrictions. This is a very simple Screen Recorder with great tools and features.

This software is able to capture games in running status because it can record directly from our graphics card.


Download OBS Screen Recorder

My experience with open broadcasting software (OBS)

When we open the software it looks like tough interface. But it doesn’t mean this is not simple, it is required just a few settings you have to do before recording your video.
You will be familiar with this software you love it very much definitely.

This is also my favourite screen recorder and I am still using this to record my YouTube videos. There is a lot of option where we can get various audio and video options to make the video more powerful.


3. CamStudio PC Screen Recorder

Camstudio is also an open source Screen Recorder which is completely free with great features. This is also one of the Best Free screen recorders. You can capture what’s happening on your monitor with simply click on a Button but if you go into the settings you will find lots of features and tools to make your recording special.

  • We can record full screen or manually selected area which we want to record. We can also disappear cursor position on the screen.
  • We can record video with audio from our PC or the microphone, or without any voice.
  • We can capture images also by using this software.
  • There are a lot of formats in which we can export our video.
  • We can also set our video quality, its size and image quality.
  • There is no restriction on the length of our video recording.

My Experience With Camstudio

I am using CamStudio since July 2017, according to my experience, CamStudio is a very good free Screen Recorder having great features in simple formate. CamStudio has no ads in IT software.

If we want to make a quick recording simply click on the record button your screen will be recorded. There are lots of audio and video features if we go into the setting of CamStudio.

The best feature I like in it that is advanced annotation tool by which we can add our own text drawing and images and creative watermarks in our recorded video.

Download CamStudio


4. Xsplit Broadcaster

Xsplit Broadcaster is one of best free screen recording software to record games, We can record our live streaming also. In short, this is best free Broadcaster and Gamecaster.

Xsplit Broadcaster is available in both free and paid versions.

  • Free version for personal use (for keen streamers), and
  • Premium version for commercial use.

In free edition, it has the watermark over recordings over 60fps, or at resolutions higher than 720p. Whereas in the premium version, we can record video of any length without the watermark with great tools.

Download Xsplit Broadcaster


My Personal Recommendation

According to my experience, all screen recorders are best which I mentioned, you can try and choose according to your comfort.


Thanks, Friends
Here we have discussed the Best Free screen recorder.

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