How to Earn money with Cryptocurrency | Full Guide |

How to Earn money with Cryptocurrency
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How to Earn money with Cryptocurrency?

How to Earn money with Cryptocurrency is very easy and risky task. In this field, we need money to invest. We have to buy Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium etc. Hold these currencies for some time. When Prize increased then buy it and get profit. This is the main theme to earn money from cryptocurrencies industries. Before we go to on our main topic i.e. How to Earn money with Cryptocurrency.this is necessary to know about Cryptocurrencies.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Before going to our main topic How to, Earn money with Cryptocurrency this is very important to know about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is not a physical currency like normal currency such as rupees, pounds, dollars etc, This is an encrypted digital currency, in which the generation of units is regulated.

Cryptocurrency works as a medium of exchange and secured by cryptography. Cryptography also controls the creation of new units of a particular cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency is limiting entries in the database.

History of cryptocurrency

In the 90s, so many peoples were trying to make a digital currency, but fail because they were using systems like Digicash, Beenz, Flooz etc. So many other reasons are also responsible for their failure.


In  2009 Satoshi Nakamoto introduces cryptocurrency named Bitcoin. Santoshi described Bitcoin as ” Peer To Peer Electronic cash system”.

Bitcoin is a completely decentralized cryptocurrency. There is no any central controlling authority, Any server is not involved to control Bitcoin. If you have a problem with Bitcoin transaction you cannot complain anywhere because there is no any controlling authority. In the initial stage of Bitcoin people trying to fraud with Bitcoin transactions, to stop this a trusted third party get involved.

The trusted third party (central server)  kept records of the balances and transactions and all your personal details.  After the involvement of third-party server bitcoin was safe, that’s why it got more popularity in the market. Transactions of Bitcoins done by blockchain with the help of miners.


Most popular cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin
  • Etherium
  • Refill
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Lite coin
  • Dashcoin
  • NEO
  • NEM
  • IOTA
  • Qtum
  • And others

Use of cryptocurrency

We can use cryptocurrencies as our physical currency like dollar, rupees, pounds. We can make our payment online to a Merchant. In India this is different, but in foreign this is very easy to find merchant for the cryptocurrency.

How to earn money with cryptocurrency?

Let’s start the main topic which How to Earn money with Cryptocurrency. most of the people believe that investment in cryptocurrencies is the best way to earn money online without doing any work, but there is a need to keep in mind always that this is very risky also but it doesn’t mean that we should not invest our valuable money in cryptocurrency. We can invest our money to buy cryptocurrency and also we can earn huge amount of money.

So many stories of people are here, which becoming millionaires by investing their money in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most popular and recognizable digital currency and the value of one bitcoin in the previous year (2016) was $800 and now in November 2017, the price of one bitcoin exceeded up to 7000 dollars.

This is the very large difference and this difference is the reason to earn money and lost money in cryptocurrency’s business. Etherium is the second most valued and fastest growing digital currency.

Our money is always in risky condition means that our money can be lost at any time in this business.

Example – So many peoples have lost their huge amount of money by investing in Bitcoin. In the last of 2017 the value of one bitcoin was around $14,000  but in the February 2018, this value is $6000. This is a huge difference between Bitcoin prices from November 2017 to February 2018. Those people who have invested their money in November and December 2017, they have lost their half amount of total investment now. Whereas so many peoples have earned millions of dollars by investing money in the initial stage of Bitcoin.

So there is always a risk in respect of cryptocurrency, so use your mind and invest your valuable money in the right way.

How to put cryptocurrencies in our pocket

Like our usual currency is cryptocurrency not in physical existence means we cannot touch it, we cannot see it and we cannot keep it physically. But we can keep the Normal currency in our pockets. There are some wallets for digital currency where we can keep our currency safe. And we can our transactions from this wallet.

1. Very popular wallets

2. New best wallets in 2018

Mining of cryptocurrency

A lot of people have made their future, by mining Bitcoins. just using their laptops or computer.

Who are miners?

They are single most important part of transactions of any type of cryptocurrency.

They provide a bookkeeping service for their respective community by investing their huge amount of money and solving complicated cryptographic puzzles which are very necessary to confirm a transaction. Miners record their work in the blockchain.

Nowadays everyone wants to make money online. so many peoples are trying to be a miner in respect of digital currency, so there are so many peoples are coming into this field and competition is constantly increasing day by day for miners.

Nowadays Litecoin, Feathercoin, and Dogecoins are best in terms of mining of cryptocurrency if you are a beginner, you can start your mining career with those coins or cryptocurrency.

How to make the profit in the mining of cryptocurrency

Miners solve the cryptographic puzzle by their computing power as well as knowledge, once mining managers confirmed the transaction they received some amount of money as a reward as well as a transaction fee for their work.

Nowadays mining rewards are continuously decreasing because of the competition in the mining of cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency market cap 


As on Nov-2017

Name Market Cap Volume Circulating Supply
Bitcoin $112,735,453,936 $5,136,770,000 16,674,425 BTC
Ethereum $29,227,540,706 $894,988,000 95,647,370 ETH
Bitcoin Cash $15,121,119,942 $4,500,640,000 16,779,413 BCH
Ripple $8,088,155,335 $140,243,000 38,531,538,922 XRP
Litecoin $3,297,343,825 $294,950,000 53,767,732 LTC
Dash $2,601,563,986 $115,739,000 7,680,801 DASH
NEO $1,893,495,500 $59,589,000 65,000,000 NEO
NEM $1,804,086,000 $10,806,300 8,999,999,999 XEM
Monero $1,675,861,201 $87,656,500 15,335,901 XMR
Ethereum Classic $1,457,787,439 $299,410,000 97,318,182 ETC
IOTA $1,441,775,712 $48,539,100 2,779,530,283 MIOTA
Qtum $862,271,130 $132,988,000 73,651,804 QTUM


How to buy Cryptocurrency

  • Using gift cards
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Investment trusts
  • Face to face


Experts in this field 

If you are willing to make your future in cryptocurrency you should follow the leaders of this field You can follow them on Twitter.

Here are some expert leaders who are very popular and having a deep knowledge of cryptocurrencies business.

  • Brett King
  • Brock Pierce
  • Dinis Guardia
  • Erik Voorhees
  • Jim Marous
  • Michael Mainelli
  • Roger Ver
  • Sally Eaves

if you want to start cryptocurrency business you should know about Best cryptocurrency exchanges. Choose the best platform for you


Future of cryptocurrencies

  • We cannot say which cryptocurrency will grow and which will down.
  • We can just imagine or expect its price fluctuation.
  • But this is also the true and positive thing that every cryptocurrency gives profit if we invest our money in starting.



Making money with cryptocurrency is one of the simple and highly profitable ways. So many peoples are making thousands of dollars by this way. This is a very simple way to be a successful online money maker.

But always remember this way is highly risky as compare to another way of making money. You may be rich or maybe a bagger in this way. We can’t expect future of any cryptocurrency. We can just a prediction about this.

If you have saved money even after meeting your basic needs, then you can invest, otherwise, do not invest your money in this business.




My Experience in this field

I have started cryptocurrency business as an investor .i bought some bitcoins for 1500  INR and earned 6500 INR after some time.

But in Dec 2017, I invested 6000 rupees and now lost my half money due drop in bitcoin price. So invest your extra money which is not to fulfill your basic needs.

how to earn money online




Be Careful, Be Aware, Enjoy life

Bye Bye…


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